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Natural Health Department

Capella Market brings together an impressive array of products and services in the natural health department. Nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, vitamins, homeopathic medicines, body care products for health and beauty--all of these and more are available in Aisles 3 and 4. (And be sure to check out the "Refrigerated Goodness" cooler across from the deli for chilled acidophilus and flax oil products.) What makes this department even more special is the staff's years of experience and training in the field of natural health products. You'll always find a natural health staff member ready to help you with your specific needs.

Capella Brand Vitamins Bach Essential Oils Shampoos & Conditioners

We carry items for body building, allergies, diabetes, conditions associated with age, pregnancy, infancy, nutritional deficiencies, dietary restrictions, cold and flu season, and so on. In addition to personal assistance from a real live staff member, our customers can consult several excellent reference books and can also research and print out health-related information our easy-to-use HealthNotes computer.