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Meat & Seafood Department

W e are proud to be one of very best meat shops in town, with a staunch commitment to freshness, flavor, and additive-free meat and seafood. We are happy to cut your meat or fish to order, and special requests are always welcome! We grind our own beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb, and we make our own bulk sausages from original recipes. Hot rotisserie chickens are available as well!

Beeler's Bacon Shrimp Rib Eye Steaks

Buying "clean meat" is more important now than ever, with the potential health risks associated with conventional meat and poultry production. Our suppliers, which include Country Natural Beef, Oregon Natural Meats (Brew Burger), Petaluma Poultry, Anderson Ranches (lamb), Beeler Pure Pork, and Ocean Beauty Seafood, are top-notch, high- quality companies who ensure that their products are free from added hormones, antibiotics, and animal mistreatment.