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CAPELLA MARKET AD FLYER ITEMS FOR December 12 - January 01, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (This is our 3-week flyer)

Current Events:

8th Annual Neighbors in Need Food Drive

Here is how it works:
1) We prepare healthy-food Gift Bags.
2) Choose one or more Gift Bags on display to donate to the food drive.
3) Pay for your Gift Bag(s) at the register & place in the food donation barrel at the front of the store.
It is that easy. Thank You!!
(St Vincent de Paul will once again handle distribution of your generous donations.)

Aisle 101/01Immaculate Baking Co.All Natural Pie Crust 15 OZ2.994.55
Aisle 101/01Immaculate Baking Co.Cinnamon Rolls 17.5OZ3.996.59
Aisle 101/01Immaculate Baking Co.Crescent Rolls 8 OZ2.994.79
Aisle 101/01Immaculate Baking Co.Flaky Biscuits 16 OZ2.994.79
Aisle 101/01Immaculate Baking Co.Gluten Free Cookie DoughChocolate Chunk14 OZ3.395.19
Aisle 101/01McKenzie BrewingBombay Bomber 22 oz3.494.29
Aisle 101/01McKenzie BrewingHopasaurus Rex 22 oz3.494.29
Aisle 101/01McKenzie BrewingTwisted Meniscus 22 oz3.494.29
Aisle 101/01Vive Organic Wellness Rescue Shot2 OZ2.553.75
Aisle 101/01Vive Organic Immunity Boost2 OZ2.553.75
Aisle 201/01Annie Chun'sPotstickers 7.6 OZ3.194.55
Aisle 201/01Bell PineWillamett Valley Pinot Noir 750 ml10.0010.99
Aisle 201/01BocelliProsecco 750 ml11.4914.29
Aisle 201/01GoodpopFrozen PopsOrange N Cream4/2.5 OZ4.355.99
Aisle 201/01GoodpopFrozen PopsCookies N Cream4/2.5 OZ4.355.99
Aisle 201/01Ling LingMini Chicken Spring Rolls 11 OZ4.355.99
Aisle 201/01Ling LingMini Vegetable Spring Rolls 11 OZ4.355.99
Aisle 201/01Ling LingVegetable Potstickers 13 OZ4.696.49
Aisle 201/01ProyoLow-Fat Probiotic Ice CreamMint Chip14 OZ4.355.99
Aisle 201/01ProyoLow-Fat Probiotic Ice CreamDutch Chocolate14 OZ4.355.99
Aisle 201/01So Delicious Coconut Coco Whip, Original9 OZ3.254.49
Aisle 201/01Talenti Gelato Assorted Varieties16 OZ4.456.19
Aisle 201/01Talenti Gelato E SorbettoTahitian Vanilla Gelato 32 OZ7.8511.59
Aisle 301/01DishmateDishwashing LiquidAssorted Varieties25 OZ2.753.75
Aisle 301/01Ecos Wave Dishwasher GelFree & Clear, Lavendar40 OZ4.195.59
Aisle 301/01Ecos Wave Jet Rinse Aid 8 OZ3.494.65
Aisle 401/01LarabarNutrition & Energy Bars 1.7 OZ1.151.75
Aisle 401/01Picky BarsReal Food Bars 1.6 OZ1.892.49
Aisle 401/01SolarayTwice Daily MultivitaminIron Free120 cap20.5925.79
Aisle 501/01Boulder CanyonKettle Chips 5 OZ2.252.99
Aisle 501/01Crystal GeyserSparkling Mineral Spring Water 1.25 LTR1.291.75
Aisle 501/01Crystal GeyserSparkling Mineral Spring Water  4/18 OZ2.553.55
Aisle 501/01Emerald CoveOrganic Pacific Nori  4.896.75
Aisle 501/01Emerald CoveOrganic Pacific Sushi Nori  20.4928.39
Aisle 501/01Emerald CoveOrganic Pacific Sushi Nori  4.896.75
Aisle 501/01Emerald CovePacific Arame  7.7510.75
Aisle 501/01Emerald CovePacific Kombu  3.995.55
Aisle 501/01Emerald CovePacific Wakame  3.995.55
Aisle 501/01GerolsteinerMineral Water 25.3 oz.1.592.15
Aisle 501/01Gerolsteiner Sparkling Apple Juice Drink25.3 OZ1.852.55
Aisle 501/01Grama'sSweet Chilli Sauce 13 oz.2.753.75
Aisle 501/01HardbiteHandcrafted Potato Chips 5.2 OZ2.993.99
Aisle 501/01HardbiteVegie Chips 5.2 OZ2.593.45
Aisle 501/01Jacksons Honest Chips Yellow Corn Sea Salt5.5 OZ2.953.89
Aisle 501/01Kettle BrandKrinkle Cut Potato Chips 13 OZ3.995.29
Aisle 501/01Kettle BrandOrganic Kettle Chips 5 OZ2.493.35
Aisle 501/01LakewoodJuicesPineapple, Pure32 OZ5.797.99
Aisle 501/01LakewoodSuper Veggie Juice 32 OZ3.694.95
Aisle 501/01Powell & Mahoney LimitedAll Natural Cocktail Mixers 25.36 oz.6.298.75
Aisle 501/01Q DrinksGinger Ale 750 ml4.896.79
Aisle 501/01Q DrinksGinger Beer 16.9 OZ2.253.15
Aisle 501/01Q DrinksTonic Water 750 ml4.956.79
Aisle 501/01Q DrinksTonic Water 16.9 OZ2.253.15
Aisle 501/01Q Drinks Ginger Beer 4 Pack4/6.7 OZ4.956.79
Aisle 501/01R.W. Knudsen FamilyChampagne Style JuicesOrganic Pear750 ML3.494.65
Aisle 501/01R.W. Knudsen FamilyChampagne Style JuicesCrisp Apple Cider750 ML3.194.35
Aisle 501/01R.W. Knudsen FamilyChampagne Style JuicesOrganic Apple750 ML3.494.99
Aisle 501/01R.W. Knudsen FamilyChampagne Style JuicesCranberry750 ML3.194.35
Aisle 501/01S&b Golden Wasabi1.52 OZ1.992.69
Aisle 501/01San PellegrinoSparkling Fruit Water 6/11.15 OZ4.997.35
Aisle 501/01San PellegrinoSparkling Mineral Water 1 LTR1.792.59
Aisle 501/01San PellegrinoSparkling Mineral Water 750 ML1.652.45
Aisle 501/01Sun Luck Hot Mustard Paste4 OZ1.391.99
Aisle 501/01Terra ChipsExotic Vegetable Chips 6 OZ2.893.95
Aisle 501/01Terra ChipsTaro ChipsOriginal6 OZ4.496.15
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeCanned TomatoesWhole Peeled, Diced, Crushed28.2OZ2.954.15
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeDurum Semolina PastaAssorted Varieties16 OZ2.253.25
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeEgg PastaPappardelle, Tagliatelle8.8 OZ2.994.15
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeGluten Free PastaSpaghetti12 OZ3.555.15
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeLasagneDurum Semolina or WW12 oz.2.854.15
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeStrained Tomatoes 24 oz.2.753.95
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeTomato Paste 7 oz.1.992.89
Aisle 601/01BionaturaeWW PastaAssorted Varieties16 OZ2.253.25
Aisle 601/01Crown PrinceAlbacore TunaSalt, No Salt12 OZ8.4911.75
Aisle 601/01Crown PrinceAnchoviesIn Olive Oil1.5 OZ2.753.79
Aisle 601/01Crown Prince Baby Clams, Boiled10 OZ2.994.15
Aisle 601/01Dynasty Jasmine Rice2 LB2.853.89
Aisle 601/01Edward & SonsBouillonAssorted Varieties2.9 oz.2.152.85
Aisle 601/01Edward & SonsYoung JackfruitChunks, Shreds7 OZ2.994.19
Aisle 601/01Field DayBroths 32 OZ2.193.29
Aisle 601/01Field DayCanned Veggies 15.25 OZ1.692.75
Aisle 601/01JovialJarred TomatoesDiced18.3 OZ3.254.65
Aisle 601/01JovialJarred TomatoesWhole Peeled, Crushed18.3 OZ3.254.65
Aisle 601/01Lilly's HummusRoasted Red Bell Pepper12 oz2.253.25
Aisle 601/01Lilly's HummusSmoked Tomato Basil12 oz2.253.25
Aisle 601/01Lundberg Family FarmsBrown Rice PastasSpaghetti10 OZ3.154.35
Aisle 601/01Lundberg Family FarmsBrown Rice PastasPenne, Elbow, Rotini10 OZ3.154.35
Aisle 601/01Mary's Gone CrackersCrackersAssorted Varieties5.5-6.5 OZ3.995.49
Aisle 601/01Native ForestPineappleChunks, Slices, Crushed14-15 OZ3.394.69
Aisle 601/01Native Forest Sliced Peaches15 OZ3.394.69
Aisle 601/01Native Forest Mango Chunks14 OZ3.394.15
Aisle 601/01Native Forest Tropical Fruit Salad14 OZ3.394.69
Aisle 601/01Native Forest Mandarin Oranges10.75 OZ2.293.15
Aisle 601/01Safe CatchElite Wild TunaGarlic Herb5 OZ3.154.39
Aisle 601/01Safe CatchElite Wild TunaChili Lime5 OZ3.154.39
Aisle 601/01Savory ChoiceBeef Demi Glace 2.6 oz2.554.69
Aisle 601/01Savory ChoiceChicken Broth 5.1 oz4.156.99
Aisle 601/01Savory ChoiceTurkey Broth 5.1 oz4.156.99
Aisle 601/01Sophie's KitchenBlack Pepper Vegan Toona 6 oz.3.354.65
Aisle 601/01Sophie's KitchenSea Salt Vegan Toona 6 OZ3.354.65
Aisle 601/01Sweet CreekPasta SaucesAssorted Varieties16oz3.29$4.29
Aisle 601/01WestbraeOrganic Beans 15 OZ1.852.85
Aisle 701/01BionaturaeOrganic Balsamic Vinegar 17 oz.4.796.85
Aisle 701/01California Olive RanchExtra Virgin Olive OilMillers Blend16.9 OZ11.4915.95
Aisle 701/01Celestial SeasoningsCaramel Apple Dream 20 bag2.453.79
Aisle 701/01Celestial SeasoningsGingerbread Spice 20 bag2.453.55
Aisle 701/01Dynasty Panko8 OZ1.992.69
Aisle 701/01Flavorganics Orange Extract2 OZ4.195.49
Aisle 701/01Flavorganics Almond Extract2 OZ4.195.49
Aisle 701/01JusteaLoose Tea in a Tin 2.8 OZ6.999.65
Aisle 701/01Pamela's ProductsGluten Free Buttermilk Pancake Mix 12 OZ4.596.35
Aisle 701/01Smith TeamakerBrohmin Black Tea 15 bag8.2511.25
Aisle 701/01Smith TeamakerFez Green Tea 15 bag8.2511.25
Aisle 701/01Smith TeamakerMao Feng Shui Green Tea 15 bag8.2511.25
Aisle 701/01Smith TeamakerMasala Chai Tea 15 BAG8.2510.55
Aisle 701/01Smith TeamakerMeadow Herbal Tea 15 bag8.2511.25
Aisle 701/01Spectrum NaturalsCanola OilRefined32 OZ4.997.39
Aisle 701/01Spectrum NaturalsOrganic Canola OilRefined32 OZ7.3510.89
Aisle 701/01Spectrum NaturalsOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unrefined25.4 OZ9.4914.85
Aisle 701/01Theo Chocolate Baking Chocolate 70% Dark4 OZ3.594.99
Aisle 701/01Theo Chocolate Baking Chocolate 85% Dark4 OZ3.594.99
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersBlackstrap Molasses 16 OZ4.656.39
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersBlackstrap Molasses 32 OZ6.759.39
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersFrostingWhite Strawberry12.5 OZ4.456.19
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersFrostingVanilla12.5 OZ4.456.19
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersLight Corn Syrup 11.2 OZ4.255.89
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersNatural Cane Sugar 1.5 LB3.354.55
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Blue Agave 44 OZ10.5914.69
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Blue Agave 11.75 OZ4.456.15
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Dark Brown Sugar 24 OZ4.255.95
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Light Brown Sugar 24 OZ4.255.95
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Powdered Sugar 1 LB3.755.15
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Raw Cane Turbinado 1.5 LB4.456.19
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Stevia Packets35 Packets1.23 OZ3.194.39
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Sucanat 1 LB3.695.15
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Sugar 2 LB4.996.89
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOrganic Sugar 1 LB3.154.25
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersOriginal Pancake Syrup 20 OZ4.996.95
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersRaw Blue Agave 44 OZ10.5914.69
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersRaw Blue Agave 23.5 OZ6.498.99
Aisle 701/01Wholesome SweetenersRaw Cane Sugar 1.5 LB3.955.45
Aisle 801/01Newman's Own OrganicsRaisinsMini Boxes6/1 OZ3.995.59
Aisle 801/01Newman's Own OrganicsRaisinsResealable Canister15 OZ5.797.99
Aisle 801/01Santa Cruz OrganicOrganic Apple Sauces 23 OZ3.494.79
Aisle 901/01Bhakti ChaiIced Chai 12 OZ2.693.95
Aisle 901/01CocomamaHot ChocolateCinnamon7.5 OZ4.496.25
Aisle 901/01CocomamaHot ChocolateSemisweet7.5 OZ4.496.25
Aisle 901/01Field DayBath Tissue 4 ct.1.892.69
Aisle 901/01Field DayBath Tissue 12 ct.7.8911.49
Aisle 901/01Field DayFacial Tissue100% Recycled85 ct.1.492.15
Aisle 901/01Field DayPaper Napkins 250 ct.2.693.95
Aisle 901/01Field DayPaper Towel 1 ct.1.752.49
Aisle 901/01Field DayPaper Towels 3 ct.2.894.15
Aisle 901/01MilkadamiaMacadamia CreamerUnsweetnd Vanilla16 OZ3.154.19
Aisle 901/01MilkadamiaMacadamia CreamerFudge16 OZ3.154.19
Aisle 901/01MilkadamiaMacadamia MilkOriginal, Unsweetened, Latte Da32 OZ4.255.39
Aisle 901/01SilkSoymilk CreamerFrench Vanilla32 OZ3.294.49
Aisle 901/01SilkSoymilk CreamerOriginal32 OZ3.294.49
Aisle 901/01So DeliciousCoconut Milk Creamer 16 OZ2.152.89
Aisle 901/01So DeliciousCoconut Milk Nog 32 OZ2.753.79
Deli01/01KauKaunaSmoky Bacon Spreadable Cheese w/Almonds/ea4.194.79
Deli01/01Yancy's FancyChampagne Cheddar /lb9.4910.49
Ethnic Foods01/01Desert Pepper Trading Co Salsa16 OZ3.655.39
Front End01/01Alter EcoChocolate 2.82 OZ2.893.95
Front End01/01Divine ChocolateChocolate Bars 3.5 OZ2.753.79
Front End01/01Theo ChocolateChocolate Bars 3 OZ2.493.45
Front End01/01Theo Chocolate Salted Almond Butter Cup, Dark1.3 OZ2.293.15
Front End Freezer01/01Mom's Pies Assorted Varieties2lb 6 oz11.3913.39
Front End Freezer01/01TofurkyGiblet Gravy 14 OZ4.155.49
Front End Freezer01/01TofurkyRoasted Glazed Ham Style Roast 19 OZ10.5914.35
Front End Freezer01/01TofurkyStuffed Vegetarian Roast 26 OZ10.9914.59
Front End Freezer01/01TofurkyVegetarian Feast 3.5 LB23.3931.69
Front End Pets01/01BuckleyImmunity JerkyChicken5 OZ4.796.65
Front End Pets01/01BuckleyTrainersChicken6 OZ4.195.75
Front End Pets01/01BuckleyTrainersPeanut Butter6 OZ4.195.75
Front End Pets01/01BuckleyTrainersBacon6 OZ4.195.75
Front End Pets01/01Rileys OrganicsSmall Bone Dog TreatsPeanut Butter Molasses5 OZ3.695.15
Front End Pets01/01Tender & TrueABF Natural Canned Cat FoodChicken & Liver5.5 OZ1.592.35
Front End Pets01/01Tender & TrueABF Natural Canned Cat FoodChicken & Brown Rice5.5 OZ1.391.99
Front End Pets01/01Tender & TrueABF Natural Canned Cat FoodOcean White Fish5.5 OZ1.391.99
Front End Pets01/01Tender & TrueABF Natural Canned Dog Food 12.5 OZ2.253.25
Front End Pets01/01Tender & True Chicken Jerky Treat4 OZ6.399.49
Front End Pets01/01Tender & True Turkey Jerky Treat4 OZ6.399.49
Front End Reg 201/01KraveJerky 2.7 OZ4.595.99
Front End Reg 201/01KraveJerky 2.7 OZ4.595.99
Front End Registers01/01Alter Eco Assorted Truffles.42 OZ0.650.85
Juice Cooler01/01Toby's Family FoodsSalad Dressings 12 Oz3.794.79
PB&J01/01Santa CruzOrganic Peanut ButterDark or Light Roasted Creamy16 OZ4.256.75
PB&J01/01Santa Cruz OGFruit Spread 9.5oz.2.854.15
Front End Freezer01/01Mom's Pies  2lb 6 oz11.3913.39

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