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High-quality organic vegetables and fruits, locally and regionally grown fruits, locally and regionally grown when possible. Fresh herbs, nuts, and mushrooms, too. Plus: seeds!

A wide array of quality natural, organic, gourmet and local packaged foods, including frozen and chilled, as well as shelf-stable products.

Over 550 wines from Oregon, the Northwest, California, and around the world. Over 200 different beers, from worldwide imports to local and regional microbrews.

Over 500 items: grains, flours, nuts, herbs, spices, mixes, coffees, teas, cereals, beans, and much more!

Serving sandwiches, soups, entrees, side dishes, and food for events. Plus: sliced-to-order cheeses and cured meats, local fresh breads, and gourmet packaged cheeses from Lane County, Oregon, the Northwest, and around the world.

The best meats and seafoods, free from added hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. Full service counter; delicious Capella-made sausages.

Nutritional supplements, vitamins, homeopathics, herbal tinctures, and cruelty-free natural body care and colors, cosmetics, sunscreens, toothpastes, deoderants, and more! Staffed 9am-9pm daily.

AISLE 1 BEER07/03NinkasiPacific RainNW Pale Ale852846007016 pack8.9911.25
AISLE 1 BEER07/03NinkasiHelles BellesHelles Lager852846002346 pack8.9911.25
AISLE 1 BEER07/03NinkasiDawn of the RedIndia Red Ale852846002996 pack8.9911.25
AISLE 1 BEER07/03NinkasiMaiden in the ShadeSummer IPA852846002206 pack8.9911.25
AISLE 1 BEER07/03NinkasiTotal DominationIndia Pale Ale852846002186 pack8.9911.25
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Food For LifeEzekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Bread 0734720013124 oz6.898.15
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Food For LifeEzekiel 4:9 Flax Bread 0734720012424 oz5.156.15
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Food For LifeEzekiel 4:9 Low Sodium Bread 0734720015324 oz5.156.15
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Food For LifeGenesis 1:29 Grain & Seed Bread 0734720014124 oz5.997.15
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicStewed Tomatoes 7253422837114.5 oz1.392.25
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicWhole Peeled Tomatoes 7253422601114.5 oz1.392.25
AISLE 707/03Ah!LaskaOrganic Chocolate SyrupDairy Free7605191001115 oz3.455.15
AISLE 707/03Primal KitchenCaesar Dressing w/Avocado OilDairy Free856769006358 oz5.156.99
AISLE 707/03Primal KitchenRanch Dressing 856769000148 oz5.156.99
AISLE 707/03Primal KitchenGreen Goddess Dressing w/Avocado OilDairy Free856769006348 oz5.156.99
AISLE 707/03Primal KitchenGreek Vinaigrette 856769000158 oz5.156.99
AISLE 707/03Primal KitchenHoney Mustard Vinaigrette 856769000138 oz5.156.99
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Ketchup 0425630074320 oz3.154.15
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Ketchup 0425630074415 oz2.353.25
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Ketchup 0425630077032 oz4.395.99
DAIRY COOLER07/03Forager OrganicBlueberry Cashew Yogurt 814558020315.3 oz1.552.15
DAIRY COOLER07/03Forager OrganicStrawberry Cashew Yogurt 814558020325.3 oz1.552.15
DAIRY COOLER07/03LifewayLow Fat Pomegranate Kefir 0170771213232 oz3.794.15
DAIRY COOLER07/03LifewayLow Fat Raspberry Kefir 0170771043232 oz3.794.15
DAIRY COOLER07/03MeyenbergGoat MilkUltra-Pasteurized0729040000332 oz4.755.75
DAIRY COOLER07/03Redwood Hill FarmPlain Goat Milk Kefir 0813121000132 oz6.357.25
FROZEN NOVELTIES07/03So DeliciousChocolate Cookies n CreamCashew Ice Cream7444730002816 oz4.296.99
FROZEN NOVELTIES07/03So DeliciousCreamy ChocolateCashew Ice Cream7444730002716 oz4.296.99
FROZEN NOVELTIES07/03So DeliciousSimply VanillaCashew Ice Cream7444730002616 oz4.296.79
AISLE 1 CHEESE07/03Beecher's HandmadeNew Woman Cheese   12.59/lb13.99/lb
AISLE 1 CHEESE07/03BelgioiosoOvolini Fresh Mozzarella   7.99/lb8.99/lb
AISLE 1 MEAT07/03Capella MadeSpinach Feta Chicken Sausage Links   5.99/lb6.99/lb
AISLE 1 MEAT07/03Oregon CoastFresh Shrimp Meat   7.99/lb8.99/lb
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Cascadian FarmOrganic Blackberries 0219085501110 oz3.694.79
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Cascadian FarmOrganic Sliced Peaches 0219085250110 oz3.694.79
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03TruwhipNatural Whipped ToppingGluten Free8112710016110 oz3.994.45
AISLE 507/03EssentiaBottled Water9.5+ pH657227000501.5 liter1.952.75
AISLE 507/03Hansen'sTonic Water 049000070296 pack2.993.79
AISLE 507/03R.W. Knudsen OrganicLow Sodium Very Veggie 0746821073032 oz2.694.25
AISLE 507/03R.W. Knudsen OrganicSpicy Very Veggie 0746821036432 oz2.694.25
AISLE 507/03R.W. Knudsen OrganicCranberry Pomegranate Juice 0746821078132 oz3.154.95
AISLE 507/03R.W. Knudsen OrganicCranberry Blueberry Juice 0746821078032 oz3.154.95
AISLE 507/03R.W. Knudsen OrganicBlueberry Pomegranate Juice 0746821077932 oz3.154.95
AISLE 507/03San PellegrinoSparkling Natural Mineral Water 04150880012750 ml1.752.45
AISLE 507/03Santa Cruz OrganicApricot Mango Juice 0361921224832 oz3.154.95
AISLE 507/03Santa Cruz OrganicOrange Mango Juice 0361921223932 oz3.154.95
AISLE 507/03Santa Cruz OrganicIce Tea Lemonade"Half & Half"0361921226032 oz1.993.19
AISLE 507/03Snyder's of HanoverGluten Free Pretzel Sticks 077975087318 oz2.953.65
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicWhole Peeled TomatoesSan Marzano Style7253422937328 oz2.453.85
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicChunky Tomato Sauce 7253422819328 oz2.293.55
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicTomato SauceNo Salt Added7253422857115 oz1.392.25
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicTomato Sauce 7253422807115 oz1.391.99
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicPizza Sauce 7253422830115 oz1.452.45
AISLE 707/03Spectrum OrganicApple Cider Vinegar 0225062701616 oz2.494.39
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Mayonnaise 0425630158532 oz9.1511.99
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Mayonnaise 0425630158416 oz4.856.45
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Bread & Butter Pickle Chips 0425630136424 oz4.856.45
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Sliced Kosher Dill Pickles 0425630136724 oz4.856.45
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Baby Kosher Dill Pickles 0425630136524 oz5.357.39
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Sweet Relish 0425630136316 oz4.856.45
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Sauerkraut 0425630150416 oz3.855.15
FROZEN NOVELTIES07/03So DeliciousMocha Almond Fudge Mini BarsDairy Free Almond Milk744473492134 pack4.695.69
AISLE 1 CHILLED07/03C2OCoconut Water[case of 12=$17.88]Original & With Pulp17.5 oz1.492.45
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Ciao BellaSorbettosDairy FreeAssorted Varieties1 pint4.495.89
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Halo Top CreameryLight Ice Creams Assorted Varieties1 pint5.656.19
AISLE 2 FROZEN07/03Three TwinsOrganic Ice Cream Assorted Varieties1 pint4.455.79
AISLE 3 CLEANERS07/03Earth Friendly ECOSDishmate Liquid Assorted Varieties25 oz2.893.75
AISLE 507/03Gimme OrganicRoasted Seaweed Snacks Sesame, Sea Salt0.35 oz1.651.99
AISLE 507/03Kettle BrandKrinkle Cut Potato Chips Assorted Varieties13 oz3.955.15
AISLE 507/03Late JulyClasico Tortilla Chips Assorted Varieties5.5 oz2.353.15
AISLE 507/03R.W. KnudsenOrganic Apple Juice 0746821090596 oz7.9912.95
AISLE 507/03Santa CruzOrganic Apple Juice 0361921200096 oz7.9912.95
AISLE 507/03Way Better SnacksSprouted Tortilla ChipsWhole Grain/Gluten FreeAssorted Varieties5.5 oz2.693.35
AISLE 607/03LundbergOrganic Rice Cakes Assorted Varieties8.5-9.6 oz2.994.25
AISLE 607/03Lundberg Eco-FarmedRice Cakes Assorted Varieties8.5-9.5 oz2.553.55
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicFire Roasted Tomatoes Assorted Varieties28 oz2.453.85
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicTomatoes Assorted Varieties28 oz2.293.55
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicDiced Tomatoes Assorted Varieties14.5 oz1.392.25
AISLE 607/03Muir Glen OrganicFire Roasted Tomatoes Assorted Varieties14.5 oz1.492.45
AISLE 607/03Near EastCouscous Mixes Assorted Varieties5.4-10 oz1.852.55
AISLE 607/03Near EastRice Pilaf Mixes Assorted Varieties6-6.75 oz1.852.55
AISLE 607/03Near EastQuinoa Blends Assorted Varieties4.8-4.9 oz2.253.15
AISLE 607/03Near EastPearled Couscous Mixes Assorted Varieties4.7-5 oz2.253.15
AISLE 607/03Near EastLong Grain & Wild Rice Mixes Assorted Varieties6-6.3 oz2.253.15
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic Mustards Dijon & Yellow8 oz2.693.49
AISLE 707/03WoodstockOrganic BBQ Sauces Hickory & Original18 oz4.155.55
AISLE 907/03NibmorOrganic Drinking Chocolate Assorted Varieties1.05 oz0.991.49
DAIRY COOLER07/03Bellwether FarmsSheep Milk Yogurt Assorted Varieties6 oz2.352.65
DAIRY COOLER07/03ForagerOrganic Cashew Milk Original, Vanilla48 oz4.996.39
DAIRY COOLER07/03Redwood Hill FarmGoat Milk Yogurt Assorted Varieties6 oz1.992.35
FRONT END07/03WoodstockHardwood Lump Charcoal 042563015788.8 lb9.2512.25
FROZEN NOVELTIES07/03Ruby JewelIce Cream Sandwiches Assorted Varieties5 oz3.293.99
FROZEN NOVELTIES07/03TofuttiCuties SandwichesNon DairyVanilla, Chocolate8 pack3.994.99
JUICE COOLER07/03BeetologyOrganic Beet Juices Assorted Varieties8.45 oz2.393.29
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