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Deli Department

You can now find our Deli's regular menu & our catering menu online!

At the Capella deli counter, you'll find cheeses and cured meats sliced to your specifications, as well as built-to-order sandwiches and smoothies and coffee drinks. Tell us how you want your order created, and we'll do our best to please you! In addition to our standard deli fare, you'll find two whole refrigerated display cases (plus one hot case!) full of delicious entrees, salads and side dishes made right here in our newly remodeled kitchen. We have a full-time executive chef and a staff of prep cooks who are always creating new dishes to tantalize your tastebuds.

Kitchen Items Hot Case Green Beans

Need to throw together a dinner party or office lunch? Call our deli department and let us know what you need. Please give us 5 business days notice, and we can help with prepared dishes, deli trays filled with sliced cheeses, meats, olives, veggies, and/or fruits. Also, the Capella Market deli stocks lovely pastry items made by the local Humble Bagel company. You can also buy fresh bread made daily by local bakeries such as Metropol, Hideaway, Eugene City Bakery, and Bread Stop. Take advantage of the convenience we offer! Come in and visit the deli department today!