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Bulk Food Department

Buying bulk makes good sense. Save money on packaging, and help the environment by not adding excess plastic and paper to the waste stream. We encourage you to bring in and re-use your own bags, bottles, and other containers when you purchase bulk. (Have your containers weighed at the checkstand before filling up, so a cashier can mark them with a tare weight, which will be subtracted when your groceries are rung up.)

Bulk Bins Spice Bins Cafeto Bins

C apella Market stocks over 500 different bulk items, including flours, rices, beans, whole grains, spices, nuts, fruits, seeds, teas, and coffees. We also have bulk honey, agave and maple syrup, olive oil, apple cider, vinegar, yeast, and bee pollen. The majority of these items are organic and sulphur-free. We are proud of our bulk department, and we hope you will get excited over it too!